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Shipping & Terms and conditions

Delivery Time
For already finished products:
2-6 working days to Germany, 4-8 working days to the EU, 7-15 working days worldwide.
Delivery costs
  • Insured shipping within Germany with insurance: 4,50 Euro, without insurance: 0,00 Euro
  • Insured shipping within the EU with insurance: 13,50 Euro, without insurance: 4,90 Euro
  • Insured shipping outside the EU with insurance 18,00 Euro, without insurance: 7,50 Euro
Your order will be shipped in reused cartons and/or recycled plastic shipping bags.
General Terms and Conditions
Personal Information
The personal information you enter when making inquiries and placing orders is used to send your order, to contact you regarding your order and, if necessary, to track the whereabouts of your shipment and to inform you accordingly.
Payment is possible with Paypal or via bank transfer.
Cancel orders
Cancellation of any AzraMati product is not possible.
There is no refund if you are dissatisfied with the product. However, if a shipment is lost or damaged during shipping, it is possible to receive a refund within 2 weeks you can contact me via email.
All image designs and patterns belong to AZRAMATI and may not be used or sold without permission
Taking care of crocheted goods
Crocheted garments are textiles made out of very small knots and thus might be slightly transparent at times.
Crocheted garments should only be washed by hand at 30 degrees and dried flat to ensure they keep their original shape. If the garment is not washed properly, threads may tear or deform.
Generally speaking, crocheted clothes will wear out a little bit over time and thus become a little bigger.
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