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Häkelpulli, handgemacht, slow fashion, upcycling, nachhaltig
häkeln, handgemacht, slowfashion, upcycling

As a child I had a passion for fashion and clothing and was interested in learning the basics of sewing, crocheting and other crafts. In my youth, however I couldn’t combine my interest in fashion with my growing awareness of environmental issues and bad conditions for workers in the textile industry. So I started buying second hand clothing for myself.


Due to a serious illness in 2017 I was tied to the bed and started finding interest in crocheting again and crocheted a huge mandala during the following months. That was my first project and soon I started experimenting making clothes. I realized how much material I needed to make a piece of clothing. Buying new wool and yarns without knowing under which conditions they were made was not acceptable for my own ideals. So I started to search for second hand materials, with success! Getting materials sometimes is a challenging process of research with the result of having limited quantities on hand. I have to compromise as I have to adapt the design of a garment to the amount of yarn I have.

I have been crocheting clothes since 2018 and I see my development and how my designs as well as my technique are constantly evolving.


With AZRAMATI I offer a wide range of ready made products like beach fashion, sweaters, wedding dresses and tops but 

I also offer all my designs as a custom made version as well! I see the individuality of my customers and celebrate it! It’s important to me that people feel comfortable in their skin and that my fashion empathizes their unique kind of beauty.


With AZRAMATI I want to travel the world, meet people and get inspired by everything around me! I look forward to individual custom orders, wedding dresses, fashion that is fun and special just as the people wearing it!

My name is Fides and I am the designer and producer of the entire AZRAMATI product portfolio.

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